The COVID period – how is customer behaviour changing?

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The COVID period – how is customer behaviour changing?

The Covid-19 situation had an almost overnight effect when it came to customers’ changes in shopping, with store owners having to adapt and create new solutions to minimise the risk of the virus being transmitted. The need to stay in business during this difficult period has led to entrepreneurs taking steps which they would not have had to in the past. Importantly, many shoppers have decided to stop their regular trips to large supermarkets and to choose less-crowded local shops or even online shopping.

It is difficult to determine how long this will all last, however the resourceful business owner knows that he shouldn’t wait with making the right changes. The key to success is to adapt immediately to the needs of the changing market. Specialists in marketing have stated that it is worthwhile to use this change to modify your business, to take it to a new level. To treat it as a new opportunity.

Making physical shopping easier during the pandemic

One of the ways to adapt is to offer the option of delivery straight to the client’s door. If the transfer for the online shopping cart is predefined and the process is optimised, then the profit should outweigh the invested time and resources. Local customers will appreciate the flexibility of their ‘local store’, and the improved public relations will surely lead to more sales.

It is also worthwhile to keep in mind that society is getting older, therefore the elderly will be expecting such as a service not just now, but also in the near future. Therefore, changes in this regard are a challenge, but also a learning curve and an investment that will soon pay off.

Another way to gain the approval and loyalty of customers is through making instore changes that will improve and speed up the buying process, while at the same time lowering the risk of transmitting the virus. Masks, gloves, limiting the number of customers allowed into the shop at any one time, and good ventilation not only please your clients and personnel, but they are also a civic responsibility.

Understanding the problem of the virus and making necessary changes is one thing, but the truth is that no one likes waiting in line outside the store. Therefore, if there is competition in the local area with multiple stores, you could potentially lose a client, and, consequently, lose out on profit. Thus, it is important to make sure that the safe flow of customers indoors can be sped up, and as a business owner it is worth your time to research this. Measures that not only ensure safety but also speed up and improve the shopping process will be instantly appreciated and will quickly become discernible when it comes to increased profit.

A quick and effective way to speed up the shopping process is the installation and good use of an integrated Point of Sales and warehouse System. Apart from the obvious benefits resulting from making the use of the warehouse easier and smoother, you will also see benefits in a crucial area, that is as the cash till. This is for the following reasons:

  • It allows the quick scanning of products.
  • It creates the possibility of paying by card – a recommended, and nowadays preferred form of payment.
  • It eliminates the possibility of a human error being made by the cashier during cash transactions.
  • It saves time and optimises the transaction process.

You can find out more about the benefits of a POS/warehouse system in this article: Payment as a key element of the purchasing process.

Is it possible to install and start to use a POS/Warehouse system during lockdown?

As a company which specialises in this type of service, we say that it is possible and, what’s more, it is worth it. But only with a responsible and experienced contractor who will make the process run smoothly, without putting your business at the risk of slowing down, and therefore losing out on profit.

The team here at Softwareretail has been installing complex POS/Warehouse system solutions, almost without any stopping linked with the current situation. Completely new systems were put into place in stores which had never had one previously, while pre-existing systems were upgraded and updated, with advice given on how to use them in the optimal way. All of this was done with the necessary safety precautions in place, in line with government guidelines. Based on our experience, and resulting from conversations with clients, we know that the following define the successful installation of a POS/Warehouse system:

  • Eliminating the risk of the shopping process stopping and making it run smoother.
  • Less stress for the client because of an efficient, expert service, using reliable solutions and foreseeing what sort of problems might arise.
  • Straightforward training for the personnel.
  • Access to our Help Centre, should you require advice or servicing of the product.

Don’t worry. We will help you get through it together!

We propose two tried and tested solutions, which have worked for our clients.

1.The first involves the client scanning the whole range of products he offers before we install the POS system in the store. We offer full support and various procedures linked with this service. We supply the equipment, and we show its use, which is intuitive and doesn’t require extensive knowledge on the subject. If the client wishes, we can do the scanning of all the products ourselves, in a discreet, unobtrusive way.

This is the easiest solution for our customers and then one that we propose as the optimal service for you.

2.If there is no possibility of scanning the whole range of products before the system is installed, which sometimes happens, we propose a different solution. Similarly to the first solution, we create a basic scanned range of about 90-95% of the products, independently or with the client.

What about the missing 10-5%? This is automatically generated as a list at the end of each workday. This is possible thanks to using our own POS Softwaretail solution. Through use of this company tool, within 2-5 weeks of installing the system, and thanks to small regular updates, it is possible to eliminate the missing products and to include the whole range of products in the system.

Either of these solutions has its own advantages. Which will be the right one for your business?

Call us, and we will talk it over and advise you which to choose and why. The priority of the team here at Softwareretail is your satisfaction and peace of mind. We hope to hear from you soon!