Integrating payment terminals with a PcPOS system

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Integrating payment terminals with a PcPOS system

Running your own shop is a big responsibility. Fortunately, new technologies keep on being developed, simplifying everyday work in this regard. Arguably, the best example of this is the integration of a payment terminal with a PcPOS system. Thanks to this, making a sale becomes much easier, while the possibility of a problem with a card payment is greatly reduced. Find out about the benefits of integrating a cash till with this type of software and which payment solution providers offer this service.

What does it mean to integrate a payment terminal with a PcPOS system?

In a standard purchasing process, after calculating the amount of money spent at the cash till, the cashier has to manually type in the due amount into the payment terminal. Even though this is relatively easy to do, it is still possible for the cashier to make a mistake, which could cause the shop to lose money. Thanks to specialised modules integrated within a PcPOS system, which control card payments, this process can be greatly simplified – after calculating the sum of the purchase, the amount due automatically appears on the cash till screen, and after the card payment goes through the cash till connects with the integrated software and prints out a receipt. The whole process is automatic and almost hands-free.

Integrating a payment terminal with a PcPOS system is possible for all those who use the most popular cash till payment solutions, such as Elavon, PaymentSense, as well as the rising company DOJO, a cash terminal provider with a futuristic design, operated by Android.

Benefits for the shop owner

Integrating a payment terminal with a PcPOS system is, first and foremost, a much more convenient way of dealing with payments on the daily. Thanks to the automatised process, the risk of the cashier making a mistake while entering the amount due is non-existent. Additionally, the whole purchasing process is much faster, while the receipt is only printed when the payment has been approved. This impacts the speed and efficiency with which cashiers do their work. An additional benefit is the ability to observe the payment on a mobile app. Thanks to this, the shop owner can check to make sure that the funds have been transacted properly. This is a very convenient way to double check a payment if there is any doubt about whether it was successful.

Benefits for the customer

Apart from undoubtedly benefiting the shop owner, integrating payment terminals with a PcPOS system also benefits the customers in many ways. The biggest advantage is that it speeds up the payment process, which means they can make their purchases quicker and there is no risk of them being affected by a mistake made by the cashier, e.g. a receipt being printed without a payment actually going through. This software can also be used in a self-checkout. After the client scans the products by themselves, the amount due automatically appears on a screen. Thanks to this, they can pay for the shopping without having to interact with a cashier.


Integrating payment terminals with a PcPOS system brings a variety of advantages for both the shop owner, as well as the customer. Overall, it means:

– A hands-free system

– Faster purchases

-Less mistakes

-Easier to use

All of this means that the purchasing process is even more dynamic, while customers are reassured that the amount they paid is the same as the one on the receipt.