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Finalising a purchase – Payment as a key element of the purchasing process

Why is it a key element, you might ask? After all, there are so many other important aspects, such as displaying your products, their availability, quality, and thousands of other factors which contribute to the standard of a sale, are there not? It is true that these influence how full your client’s shopping basket will be and how loyal they will be as customers. This is undeniable.

But if a buyer encounters problems with finalizing his purchase at the cash till, then it doesn’t take much to imagine two disappointed individuals: the client (because he wasted his time and didn’t purchase what he was going to) and you (because you didn’t earn anything, you lost a customer and you have to put his shopping back on the shelves, which also means a waste of time for you).

The moment of payment – the last and key element of the shopping process – should be almost unnoticeable for the client. Any problem at this stage, any stress for your customer is highly undesirable. Standing at the till, they are spending their own money, which is never pleasant. The truth is that people like to acquire but they do not like to spend. That is why it should be done quickly and ideally with such a method so that the client doesn’t physically see his money being spent.

Tools that improve the payment process

There are many ways to improve the quality of the procedure and the comfort of the buyer at the final stage of the purchasing process. First and foremost, it is recommended that the client should have the possibility of using the payment method of their choice. What might be good for a teenager might be unacceptable to a senior.

Up until recently, providing the option of paying by card was enough. Today, there is also the option of paying through mobile payment apps on a smartphone. Teenagers often don’t carry a wallet with cash, nor do they necessarily take their card with them. However, they don’t go anywhere without their phone. They prefer to pay for their purchase by bringing their device to the electronic payment terminal.

Furthermore, customers sometimes want the possibility of cash back when shopping. They know this is possible because they do it at other shops. Try to visualise their thought process: “Why should I go to a cashpoint when I can just get cash back when out shopping in the morning for eggs and milk?”. As technology and different tools and methods develop, so do the demands and needs of the client. A successful entrepreneur will be able to meet the expectations of the buyer. This includes:

  • Reducing the time it takes for the products being purchased to be registered by the till.
  • Automatically calculating any valid offers or discounts.
  • Printing out a readable proof of purchase.
  • Giving the possibility of cash back during the transaction.
  • Offering the option of cashless payment via a method chosen by the customer, minimising the contact between the client and cashier.

During the time of the coronavirus pandemic it is important to note the fact that many shoppers choose not to pay with cash, preferring a contactless form of payment because of concerns for their safety. During the time when there was a large number of infections, contactless payment was recommended, and even mandatory in some stores. A business owner should be prepared for such changes.

The risks of operating a traditional cashier terminal

Let us assume that you already have a card payment system.  For most shop owners this is quite likely. Something that might concern you, and rightly so, is the process of the cashier manually entering the amount due by the client into the cashier terminal. Things might seem to be going according to plan, but the human factor involved creates the possibility of a mistake. What if the cashier has been sitting at the till all day and is tired? What if there is a large queue and shoppers are getting impatient? Think about the probability of your employee entering a wrong amount by mistake into the terminal. Not on purpose and not because they are a bad or careless worker, but maybe because it is too loud, too hot, a client might have asked them a question and they got distracted – the list goes on.

The cashier is human, and as human beings we make mistakes, especially when carrying out menial or repetitive tasks.

Is there anything you can do about this?

Is it possible to get rid of the need for a cashier to manually enter the amount due into the cashier terminal?

Yes, it is. This can be done by integrating a POS system into a cashier terminal. Thanks to this, the amount due is automatically sent to the terminal by the POS system. The human factor is eliminated, meaning there is a smaller chance of a mistake being made. Also, it means your employee doesn’t have to spend as much time and effort as they would do doing the process manually!

Currently, there are two companies on the UK market which offer such a solution:

If you are already using the services of either Elavon or PaymentSense, we can do an assessment of the cabibilites possible with the equipment in your shop free of charge, and then quickly and smoothly carry out the system integration, so that you can start benefitting from new possibilities as soon as possible.

What if you are using the services of a different company? Not to worry. Both Elavon and PaymentSense, either directly or through our company, can give you an attractive offer, opening up the possibility of integrating a POS system into your cashier terminal.

SoftwareRETAIL has signed contracts in regard to cooperation and providing service support for clients of both companies:

We want you to know that not only will we select the best programming for your shop, but we will also install it, test it to make sure it works well, train you and your personnel to use it, and we will additionally support you during the stage when you are getting ‘started up’. If there is such a need, we will also advise you what equipment to choose. Talk to us – it’s completely free!

A well-selected and correctly-implemented POS and warehouse management system; reliable equipment tailored to the specific needs of your store; a trained staff, who understand how everything works and how to benefit from it, and finally a business owner who is able to use a minimum amount of time and effort to find out how to use their resources to the maximum make up the necessary conditions for a service to fulfil customer expectations.

You likely realise that choosing digital solutions will bring you benefits. However, for most entrepreneurs the first stages of working with a new system are stressful.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you get through it together!

What sort of POS software?

PC-POS software, and its upgraded version, PC-POS 7, which we offer to our customers, is a functional POS system, made for cashier terminals with a computer monitor, cash register, barcode scanner, scales and any type of keyboard. It has advantages over other products on the market because of its easy-to-understand interface, simple graphics which don’t tire out the eyes, and intuitive use. Below you will find a short video demonstrating the program. It will give you a general idea of how to use it and of the benefits. We will gladly answer all your questions when you contact us.

The benefits of PC-POS software and of integrating a POS system into your cashier terminal

In summary, these are the instant benefits if you choose to allow customers to pay by card via PC-POS software and if you integrate a POS system into your cashier terminal:

  • An increase in sales, meaning greater profit (clients tend to spend more if they don’t rely solely on the cash they have in their wallet)
  • Customer satisfaction, because they will appreciate the option of choosing a payment method which will suit them, and of having the possibility of getting cash back.
  • More clients, who would not have come to your store if they knew there wasn’t an option of paying by card/phone (Because of safety or lack of physical cash)
  • A fast cashier terminal payment process. Cashless payment means no change has to be given. Additionally, integrating a POS system gets rid of one of the cashier’s tasks: Manually typing in the amount due into the terminal. This is especially important during a long day with many transactions.
  • Eliminating the possibility of a mistake by the cashier, which could be made during payments by cash or while typing in the amount due into the terminal.
  • A more efficient use of resources, including more time. An electronic management of funds, without the need of operating it constantly or giving change from a large amount of cash.
  • Security. Less cash in the till, smaller risk of getting robbed.

Likely you have no more doubts that choosing a cashless and the best possibly integrated system of payment in your shop is necessary. However, you might feel stressed about how all of this is to be done: the choice of programming, installing it, integrating it into your equipment, and finally managing all of this! Our team here at SoftwareRETAIL is at your service. Not only are we specialists in the full management and installation of POS systems, but also we understand the concerns faced by business entrepreneurs. We will discuss every worry you might have, we will advise you on the right tools and resources and we will offer a solution tailored to the needs of your company. Then you will be able to decide who you want to take this next step with.

Here at SoftwareRETAIL our priority is your satisfaction and peace of mind. We hope to hear from you soon!