Drawer Flip Top


A metal cash register drawer of medium size. Fitted with the wire connecting with the cash register, 1.4 m long, with the RJ connector and the three-position lock (opening the drawer with a key, opening with an electromagnet, blocking with a key). 12 V voltage control with the maximum intensity 1 A.


A modular drawer opening upwards, installed at the edge of the top.

With a removable insert (cassette) for money and an additional locked cover. With it, the cassette may be handled, and each clerk may have his/her own personal cassette to store money. The standard drawer is fitted with a cable with the RJ-12 plug.

– depth 170 mm
– width 460 mm
– height 100 mm

– RJ-12 plug
– 12 V or 24 V trigger voltage



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